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twomoonparadise dreamers RFL 2016


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twomoonparadise dreamers RFL 2016

twomoonparadise dreamers RFL 2016 team build - the theme was Once Upon A Cure-

the story...

Once upon a time there was an illness named Cancer. It grew more prevalent as the years went by. Cancer had lots of different forms, but one thing in common-when it was left untreated, it killed many,many people. It became necessary for a whole industry of places named cancer treatment centers,hospitals and hospices to be created to try to treat and prolong the lives of the people who were suffering from it,and to have caring places for those past the treatment stages to go to where they could end their days peacefully and without pain.One day, after many years of trial and error, the key was found that unlocked the cure for all kinds of Cancer...and as well as you can imagine, there was great rejoicing in all the land. The people were ecstatic! Soon, the people realized that now that Cancer was cured that created the truly great puzzle ocer what to do with all of the buildings that were once used for Cancer care-what could they possibly be used for now? There were so many of them, and now just sitting as empty shells.What could be done with all of them?This is one of those places. It has been repurposed to house both a Kinder and an Elder care as a benefit to both. It self-supports itself by growing much of their own food and by harvesting solar power. It promotes caring for and respecting the elderly in the school- as now that Cancer is cured, many more people will be given the blessings of added years. It includes senior housing, a kindergarten, and lots of ways to have interaction between the two in the communal areas of: the dining room, exercise room, garden, indoor/outdoor pool, and the auditorium. Though Cancer was indeed a plague on the world, there are now some good things to come out of the horrors of Cancer- as now that it is cured- the science and health communities may now be able to concentrate on the other horrible diseases that afflict mankind worldwide ... and many beneficial uses can be found to use the buildings that once housed Cancer patients making them happy and bright places for now and for the future.

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  • Carolyn J Shilts Banned Added Wonderful video and super build thanks all Secret, Shiran and TEAM!!