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The River of Forgetting - A Randt & Hoisan Production


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The River of Forgetting - A Randt & Hoisan Production

Made for SLartist@UWA Machinima Challenge 2017 - Art Of The Artists
Featured Art: Funerary Ship by Silas Merlin

This is our 25th collaboration.
For more information about the making of our video:
Filmed in Second Life at LINC Island
Set Design in SL by Natascha Randt
Filmed on “The River of Forgetting” Kitely -Virtual Worlds on Demand
Created by Karima Hoisan and Dale Innis

SFX Karima Hoisan and Dale Innis

Poem The River of Forgetting
written and performed by Karima Hoisan

Jamendo Licensing hereby authorizes the client to use the below music work in an
audiovisual project. This license is granted under Jamendo Licensing’s Terms of
Music: Between Worlds by Roger Subirana Mata

More about the composer Roger Subirana Mata


Maria Vought
Beeflin Grut
reini (reinhold.apfelbaum)
Natascha Randt
Karima Hoisan
Dale Innis

Directed, Shot and Edited by Natascha Randt

Our gratitude to the artist, Silas Merlin, for his trust in us and his cooperation in making this movie possible

Many thanks to: Lucho Ceriano for the handkerchief
Jan Betts for the use of her painting “Koi Pond”

A special acknowledgement to the content creators of OpenSim who share freely their creations with all the community

A Randt & Hoisan Production

The River of Forgetting

Let it go….
It wasn’t the important thing anyway.

Throw your baggage overboard…
and don’t look back.

Trust… it will be all right.
Trust… it will be all right… and if it’s not…
Just …Let it go.

These small deaths are victories…
Every time we fear..but do it anyway
Every time we forgive and forget
Every time we surrender…..Can you feel it?

Head forward…always forward….trust in the winds of the sail.
Like this bow bathed in spray… bathed in raindrops…bathed in sunlight
Like the waters ever-changing… like tomorrow and the next day

downstream… weightless …unburdened
un-shrouded, unweighted, with no expectations

Throw it over the side…
Let the wake take it…
Let the waves play with it…
Let the depths claim it.
Just forgive and forget it …
and leave it behind you.

This is not the end of your ride.
This… is where you awake…and let it go…and live…again.

Karima Hoisan
July 2017
More about the artist, Silas Merlin

Silas Merlin (RL painter Jean-François Le Saint from Brittany, France) has been painting for many years. As a Master Pastelist he's had several exhibitions and featured in magazine articles in RL and in SL. His work can be admired and purchased in both worlds as well.

In the past year his attention focused on sculpting (with 3D printing in mind) and he has made several very interesting and detailed series of sculpted figurines, which have been available through gacha machines.

Some of his paintings and his sculptures can be found at this gallery. For more of his art, please visit the website or the gallery:

Website : http://lesaint.fr

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