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The Drax Files: World Makers [Episode 40: Bernhard Dörries]


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The Drax Files: World Makers [Episode 40: Bernhard Dörries]


Bernhard Dörries has had a successful career in film: from his early short-films made low budget and hand held in the ruins of post-war Munich to becoming one of the 26 signatories to the "Oberhausener Manifesto" in 1962, which laid the foundation of New German Cinema.

Bernhard Dörries made over 120 films as varied as experimental meditations on the moral decline and subsequent clash of upper class society in Germany, documenting the absurdity of two Germanys during the Cold War, epic art history documentaries examining the influence of colonial powers on painting and sculpture of modern 20th century middle east.

At age 88 he is not slowing down intellectually thanks to his fearless exploration of technology: in the virtual world of Second Life he quite literally is living a "second life" with girlfriend, dogs, cats and a close-knit community of people from all over the world, transcending gender, age and ethnic identities.

And he is continuing to express himself creatively: in 2012 he released a feature length virtual film [aka "Machinima"], delving deep into questions of the meaning of life, our legacy we leave on this planet and whether or not we all are simply actors on a movie set with someone else directing and following a secret script.

The nature of reality: in a 50 year career in film, Bernhard Dörries has never stopped asking big questions, no matter what medium.

What a marvelous example of a man who refuses to be relegated to a life of passivity in those "golden years", someone who, despite his dependence on assisted living, continues to engage with the world, with young generations, with life itself!


More information on Bernhard Doerries and his involvement in the early days of New German Cinema can be found here http://www.kurzfilmtage.de/en/archive/manifesto/, a partial filmography is at http://www.filmportal.de/person/bernhard-doerries_d6e68a40c9bd40e88d3fa59103cf412c and an interesting article on the impact of Oberhausen today [in German] is here http://www.taz.de/!5094906/


Excerpts of Bernhard Dörries films used in this episode:

Stunde X [1959]

Zerstörer [1973]

Ludwig I, Spuren eines Königs [1963]

Weltkulturen und moderne Kunst - der Orient [1972]

Das Mannequin [1960]

‪Auf der Erde zur‬ü‪ckzulassende Botschaft‬ [2012]

Der lang Abschied von Oberhausen [1974]


This episode also contains excerpts of:

Bicycle Thieves [Vittorio De Sica, 1948]

‪Hoch droben auf dem Berg‬ [Géza von Bolváry, 1957]


Many thanks to Marianne McCann for great production design.

Super big thanks to Judas and Tito Devinna for creating 3D virtual models of historic editing desks on VERY short notice. The Judas brand handheld 16mm camera seen in a few scenes shall be available on his Marketplace very soon at http://robotdolly.com

The TV composited into the black/white end sequence is [of course] by http://whatnextshop.com/

Big thanks to Alsya Destiny, Concetta Curtiz and Nina Weissmann for always being there, not only for the team but primarily for Bernhard.

Just amazing what you guys do!

Some RL footage by Marten and Mascha [thank you guys!!!]

Also a big thanks to our wonderful extra actors = please identify yourself in the film [with timestamp?] - we will see you in the next movie!

A heartfelt thanks to Bernhard McIntyre himself: through all the exhausting work and technical obstacles of this production he remained a cheerful and hard-working "soldier", offering invaluable advice to Draxtor "n00b" Despres, who went through 8 years of film school in a short couple weeks…

I am sure Bernhard McIntyre will enjoy when folks say hi in-world and visit Stromboli for a cup of virtual coffee and a piece of delicious mesh cake?


music by bit.ly/spotify_drax with a special appearance by Hannelore Dörries on violin

music from "Botschaft" by Rael Wissdorf


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