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The Drax Files: World Makers [Episode 33: Luxembourg 1867]

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The Drax Files: World Makers [Episode 33: Luxembourg 1867]

"Of course every museum should have something like this" says Pit Vinandy, referring to the virtual reality component at Fort Thüngen Museum and the City Museum of Luxembourg, where his team has implemented an immersive way to connect to local history, a method to time travel and experience culture and society as it was hundreds of years ago.

With the help of two Oculus Rift VR headsets and 10 computers, visitors can role-play 1867, a crucial year not only for tiny Luxembourg: sandwiched between rivals Germany and France, the little country became known due to the "Luxembourg crises", itself a turning point for the whole of Europe at the time and the burning question at the time resonates today: will people of this multi-cultural continent grow closer together and overcome their differences or will the leaders of countries perpetually in conflict continue to let armed response rein supreme?

Pit Vinandy and team have created a digital simulation of the Fort Thüngen and the Pfaffenthal region of Luxembourg City inside the virtual world of Second Life. Accessible from all over the world, at all hours of the day, it quickly became home to a passionate international role-playing community, making the digital structures come alive and truly vibrant.

Will it replace traditional teaching of history? It certainly won't says Pit. The goal, he explains, is to enable learning history in a playful way, connecting to the inner child that with wide eyed curiosity and free of intellectual restraint simply revels in the joy of exploring the world, no matter if physically real or simply emotionally resonating.


Big thanks as always to Marianne McCann who played so many roles in this episode, the SL Screen Actors Guild [SLAG] should nominate her for president!

Special thanks to Arduenn Schwartzmann for building a VR Mars in no time!

Song "Someone else's eyes" written and performed by Kal Swan, Tom Walsh and Bernhard Drax, produced by Mack.

More information on this project is of course in-world http://secondlife.com/destination/the-virtual-pfaffenthal


Credits for 1867 in SL:

Ion Transmedia S.a r.l.:
Concept, Creation, 3d Mdeling and textures:
Esther Ngan, Pit Vinandy

Co-Producer and IT specialist:
Alan Martiny

Builders & Clothing:

Esther Ngan
Ramirez Falta https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/18472
Irkalla Falta (Irkalla Caudron)
Daims Lazamah
Ind'har Randvill (IndharRandvill)
Aquila Kytori
Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005)
Solas (SolasNaGealai) https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/92817


Annie Oh (AnnieBrightstar)
Stoeft (Stoeft1867)
Trystan Van Landewyck (lookyluck)
Wren Noir (WrenNoir Cerise)
Andy Roelofs (Brazil Roelofs)
Becca Polano
Casanova De la Vega (Casanova Dubratt)
Danial Munster
Eva Tauriel (EVA Krautrauch)
Gibbes (Stoeft)
Jogi Schultz (yogijo)
Mariana (Mariana1a2q3u4a)
Martin Harpes. Clockmaster (PhilaeBlue)
Melvin Starbrook
Roger de Lavalette (Lavalette)
Rose (Roseamber)
Tosca Laurence Munshausen (toscalaurence)
Urd (urd1)
Viktoria Hymes (Mirupi)

Historians and Counselors:

André Bruns
Jender Stammet
Dr Robert L. Philippart
Célestin Kremer
Oliver Kayser


1867 a.s.b.l.
Musée Dräi Eechelen
National Museum of History and Art Luxembourg
Luxembourg City History Museum
Interessenverein Pfaffenthal-Siechenhof
Luxembourg City Archives (Archives municipales)
Luxembourg City Photo Archive (Photothèque)
National Library of Luxembourg
Frënn vun der Festungsgeschicht Lëtzebuerg - a.s.b.l.

If we happened to forget somebody, please let us know and we will add you of course!


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