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  • 1:06:20 As You Wish

    As You Wish

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    As You Wish This performance is a tribute to William Goldman (1931 - 2018) who wrote the book, 'The Princess Bride'. The adaptation of this well - known story was written by Bajoy and was performed at the Avilion and Whymsee sims by ACT in December 2018.

  • 51:08 Popular La Serva Padrona presented by Rocca Sorrentina Players and ACT

    La Serva Padrona presented by Rocca Sorrentina Players and ACT

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    La Serva Padrona presented by Rocca Sorrentina Players and ACT La Serva Patrona- an Intermezzo by Gennaro Antonio Federico as presented by The Rocca Sorrentino Players and Avilion Cameo Theater through the development team of :Sere Timeless, Aldo Stern an

  • 36:41 Popular The Legend of Arthur & Avalon

    The Legend of Arthur & Avalon

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    The Legend of Arthur & Avalon to visit Avilion http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Avilion/221/183/22 ACT presents an Avilion Bard Production of an adaptation of The Legend of Arthur and Avalon, as written and directed by Maat,who also designed th

  • 49:06 Popular Long Time Dreaming

    Long Time Dreaming

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    Long Time Dreaming ACT presents 'Long Time Dreaming' to visit Avilion: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Avilion/221/183/25 Cast In order of Appearance: Queen... Iddy King... Layne Good Fairies... Arrades, Fidget, Maat Wicked Fairy... Kat Cook... Kat

  • 39:51 Popular The Unicorn Tapestries

    The Unicorn Tapestries

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    The Unicorn Tapestries to visit Avilion: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Avilion/240/129/22 The Unicorn Tapestries is the story of The Lady and the Unicorn Tapestries as adapted and written by Bajoy from original material and "The Lady and the Unico

  • 47:22 Popular Producing Theatre in a Virtual World

    Producing Theatre in a Virtual World

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    Producing Theatre in a Virtual World 'Producing Theatre in a Virtual World' by Barbara Poston-Anderson (Swords)a.k.a. Bajoy- prepared for the SL MOOC 16 Conference- 12 noon, April 27th, 2016 With Actors: Aldo, Sere, Kat, Amza and Moon as DJ Filmed upon th

  • 53:01 Popular ALL-STAR VAUDEVILLE


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    ALL-STAR VAUDEVILLE Avilion Cameo Theater and The Rocca Sorrentina Players Present ALL-STAR VAUDEVILLE Directed by Bajoy Sound DJ: Moon --------------- PROGRAM ORDER ------------------ • INTRODUCTION by Emcee Jack Barker Jack Barker played by Aldo &b

  • 37:34 Popular Sing Me A Story

    Sing Me A Story

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    Sing Me A Story Sing Me A Story presented by ACT- originally posted on Feb 16, 2016 Narrator- Kat Mrs. O'Leary- Porta Her Cow- Kalia Wolf- Rat Little Red- Sea Robin Hood- Bardy His Band- Iddy and Maat Maid Marian- Arrades Vincent- Jacob Starry Night Dance

  • 56:57 Popular 700 Cinderellas

    700 Cinderellas

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    700 Cinderellas ACT presents '700 Cinderellas' (for viewing purposes only, no copyright infringement intended) STORY SOURCES 'Cinderella' (The Fairies, Princess Perfect Album) 'Cendrillon' (EOL Productions, 2010) 'Rhodopis' (The Egyptian Cinderella) (http

  • 29:53 Popular One Winter's Night

    One Winter's Night

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    One Winter's Night One Winter's Night- Adapted and Directed by Bajoy Soundtrack Voices: Bajoy,Iddy,Kerob,Scout Players: Col-Sif, Gib-Amza,Daw-Jax,Angel-Iddy, Mary-Portasfiga, Narrator-Bajoy, DJ-Moon Special thanks to:Callie Hamelin for the candle and Emma

  • 1:09:09 Popular Beyond the Wardrobe

    Beyond the Wardrobe

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    Beyond the Wardrobe ACT, in association with Avilion Entertainers presents An Avilion Bard Event! Another in the what is surely becoming a long list of plays rewritten and adapted to the virtual world by Bajoy ...this time is in tribute to the stage adapt

  • 36:33 Popular Clockwork Capers

    Clockwork Capers

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    Clockwork Capers (Written & Directed by Bajoy) Cast- Toymaker: Robijn Mother: Sister Audrey: Zanne Nouvelle Toy Pirate: JP Damien Toy Fairy: Londor Robbiani Toy Soldier: Vicky Nouvelle Ginger Cat: Scout Zsun ----------------------------- Advisors: Sea