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  • 52:27 Popular Bip Bop Shazam

    Bip Bop Shazam

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    Bip Bop Shazam This is a replacement link and reflects the original views. ACT Presents Bip! Bop! Shazam! Comic Book Heroes to visit Avilion: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Avilion/221/183/22 CAST: Commentator~Maat Clark Kent~Kat Superman~Bardy Loi

  • 1:06:20 Popular As You Wish

    As You Wish

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    As You Wish This performance is a tribute to William Goldman (1931 - 2018) who wrote the book, 'The Princess Bride'. The adaptation of this well - known story was written by Bajoy and was performed at the Avilion and Whymsee sims by ACT in December 2018.

  • 51:08 Popular La Serva Padrona presented by Rocca Sorrentina Players and ACT

    La Serva Padrona presented by Rocca Sorrentina Players and ACT

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    La Serva Padrona presented by Rocca Sorrentina Players and ACT La Serva Patrona- an Intermezzo by Gennaro Antonio Federico as presented by The Rocca Sorrentino Players and Avilion Cameo Theater through the development team of :Sere Timeless, Aldo Stern an

  • 36:41 Popular The Legend of Arthur & Avalon

    The Legend of Arthur & Avalon

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    The Legend of Arthur & Avalon to visit Avilion http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Avilion/221/183/22 ACT presents an Avilion Bard Production of an adaptation of The Legend of Arthur and Avalon, as written and directed by Maat,who also designed th

  • 49:06 Popular Long Time Dreaming

    Long Time Dreaming

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    Long Time Dreaming ACT presents 'Long Time Dreaming' to visit Avilion: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Avilion/221/183/25 Cast In order of Appearance: Queen... Iddy King... Layne Good Fairies... Arrades, Fidget, Maat Wicked Fairy... Kat Cook... Kat

  • 53:01 Popular ALL-STAR VAUDEVILLE


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    ALL-STAR VAUDEVILLE Avilion Cameo Theater and The Rocca Sorrentina Players Present ALL-STAR VAUDEVILLE Directed by Bajoy Sound DJ: Moon --------------- PROGRAM ORDER ------------------ • INTRODUCTION by Emcee Jack Barker Jack Barker played by Aldo &b

  • 39:55 Popular East of the Sun ~ West of the Moon

    East of the Sun ~ West of the Moon

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    ************************************************************East of the Sun ~ West of the Moon Cast Members: (in order of appearance): Polar Bear: Maat Long Nosed Troll Princess: Arrades Aisa: Kat Mother: McMel Father: Spector Prince: Bardy Old Mother: Ma

  • 46:57 Popular The Book of Love & Imagination

    The Book of Love & Imagination

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    The Book of Love & Imagination 'The Book of Love & Imagination' is an original ballet by Moon Aerandir. His poetry combines with music and dance to explore the pathways of love and imagination ********** OVERTURE MUSIC : Who Knows Where the Time G

  • 37:34 Popular Sing Me A Story

    Sing Me A Story

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    Sing Me A Story Sing Me A Story presented by ACT- originally posted on Feb 16, 2016 Narrator- Kat Mrs. O'Leary- Porta Her Cow- Kalia Wolf- Rat Little Red- Sea Robin Hood- Bardy His Band- Iddy and Maat Maid Marian- Arrades Vincent- Jacob Starry Night Dance

  • 1:09:09 Popular Beyond the Wardrobe

    Beyond the Wardrobe

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    Beyond the Wardrobe ACT, in association with Avilion Entertainers presents An Avilion Bard Event! Another in the what is surely becoming a long list of plays rewritten and adapted to the virtual world by Bajoy ...this time is in tribute to the stage adapt

  • 34:17 Popular A Time for Flowers

    A Time for Flowers

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    A Time for Flowers An Avilion Bard Event Cast: Demeter-Osiris Persephone-Scout Hades-JP Zeus-Map Sountrack Voices: Bajoy,Scout, JP, Tartuffe Sound-Moon Assistant Director-Scout Writer/Director-Bajoy 'Demeter and Persephone' Parts 1 and 2 (selected song

  • 36:33 Popular Clockwork Capers

    Clockwork Capers

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    Clockwork Capers (Written & Directed by Bajoy) Cast- Toymaker: Robijn Mother: Sister Audrey: Zanne Nouvelle Toy Pirate: JP Damien Toy Fairy: Londor Robbiani Toy Soldier: Vicky Nouvelle Ginger Cat: Scout Zsun ----------------------------- Advisors: Sea