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Ritsu test the Hiller 1031 Flying Platform


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Ritsu test the Hiller 1031 Flying Platform

We test in Second Life the hiller 1031-A-1 flying platform build by rubber bunny.

Inspired by one of the most amazing machines to come out of the 50s.

The basic idea is two engines powering contra rotating props. The platform is made to move simply by leaning in the desired direction, so beating the Segway to that trick by half a century or so XD. Yaw control was achieved with a hand control operating a pair of flaps diverting the airflow going in to the props. Contrary to popular belief (and possibly somewhat counter-intuitively) the machines were known to be very stable. This stability was one of the problems encountered in getting the machine to move about.

This build is heavily based on the second prototype, the 1031-A-1 (catchy name!), and was the first prototype to be able to leave ground effect and actually fly. At that time it was still a US Navy project, and looked quite promising considering that it was made out of little more than sheet metal, nuts, bolts and string.

It's all built, textured and scripted by me for SL. It will still look like it's meant to even at LOD factor 1 as I've painstakingly prepared LOD models to make sure that it does :) There's no ripped mesh, uploaded 3rd party models or plug in scripts here!

You can buy this item in Second Life here:

Pilot and owner: Riutsu Meriman
Special Pose: Riutsu Meriman
Pax and Camera: Migon Meriman

Video Recording and editing
Migon Aeon

© 2016 Mig's Video Lab

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