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MW 01G Worker Bee by OTCR


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MW 01G Worker Bee by OTCR

Today we tested the MW-01G Worker Bee by Outland Tech and Curious Relics (OTCR). It was great fun. In the near future, we will test the "mech" on the rough Mainland. But only this test has shown: the vehicle is good!

The description of the manufacturer in short form:
Find more at the marketplace or the Shop:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Reflections%20of%20Beauty/238/134/4012


• NOT AN ATTACHMENT VEHICLE. All motion is done in real time via script, not animated attachments.
• Sit and go, like any other vehicle.
• About a year of script work has gone into this vehicle.
• Original sound effects mixed by OTCR.
• Fully mesh model with unique diffuse, normal, and specular maps for every paint scheme.
• Left and right emblems can be changed with the applier HUD.
• 12 starting emblems are included and you can use your own textures in the emblem slots of desired.
• HUD respects changes to its colors or textures made in build mode (Ctrl + 3 / Ctrl + B) and transfers them to mech.
• Rear center panel glow color can also be adjusted with the HUD.
• Limit top speed by enabling run mode (Ctrl + R) for your avatar. Useful for careful maneuvers or roleplayers.
• Mech can jump and crouch just like your avatar.
• Secondary motion such as, learning into turns, tilting with forward speed, bobbing with every step, and camera shake.
• Pilot-able in both regular and mouselook (M). Mouselook is a very immersive experience.
• Adjustable sit pose for different height avatars.
• Toggle-able canopy, front flood light, and pilot lock.
• Pilot lock prevents other avatars from using the vehicle, or it can be unlocked to let your friends try!
• Free updates.

Music GEMA-free: Epic by Matti Paalanen

Powerd by: www.jamendo.com

Video Recording and editing: Mig's Video Lab

© 2017 Mig's Video Lab

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