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MAGE Magazine Promo 2

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MAGE Magazine Promo 2

This is a promo video for MAGE Magazine. For more info on MAGE Magazine please visit our website at http://0zymandius.wix.com/magemagazine

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    Junior Forlan Added Great video.
  • Junior Tangaroa Banned Added Cool cool cool ...
  • Tena Somners Banned Added I like the club zero dance scene and I think the heads are from a Cica Ghost LEA installation.
  • Freddy Salazar Banned Added Those heads are freaking me out man!
  • Chirstopher Caldwell Banned Added Nice images! Keep up the good work at MAGE Magazine.
  • Boris Neuer Banned Added MAGE Magazine nominated for 3 Avi Choice awards!!!

    Favorite Machinima Production - MAGE Magazine : Second Life Art and Entertainment - Ozymandius King

    Favorite Entertainment/Arts SL Blog or Website - http://0zymandius.wix.com/magemagazine - 0thella

    Avi Choice nomination for SL Favorite Artist - Andressa DePrims

    Please show your support for MAGE Magazine by voting for the afore mentioned nominees at http://avichoiceawards.com/vote-here-the-arts  /
  • MAGE Magazine Added MAGE Magazine encourages Second Life Residents to show their support for independent artists by visiting the Avi Choice Awards website and enter the following nominations for the following categories:

    FAVORITE MAGAZINE, NEWSPAPER OR PERIODICAL - MAGE Magazine / 0THELLA /http://world.secondlife.com/group/d3a0f7bb-8 e5f-4775-46f2-584f6295f362?lang=en-US

    FAVORITE MACHINIMA PRODUCTION - MAGE Magazine : Second Life Art and Entertainment / Produced by Ozymandius King / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XwNM1DppSMQ&i ndex=1&list=PLThpLfGotClLbUtMa2Os3Ddo2_KpdiDD L

    FAVORITE VIDEOGRAPHER : Ozymandius King https://my.secondlife.com/0zymandi/#about_tab

    FAVORITE ARTS/ENTERTAINMENT BLOG OR WEBSITE : http://0zymandius.wix.com/magemagazinehttps:/  /my.secondlife.com/0thella

    FAVORITE ARTS/ENTERTAINMENT BLOGGER : https://my.secondlife.com/0thella

    FAVORITE HOST OR HOSTESS : Sizzelle https://my.secondlife.com/sizzelle

    FAVORITE ARTIST : Andressa DePrims https://my.secondlife.com/0123andressa/#about _tab

    FAVORITE PHOTOGRAPHER / STUDIO : Ozymandius King https://my.secondlife.com/0zymandi/#about_tab

    http://avichoiceawards.com/enter-your-nomin ations-here/
  • Sal Salgado Banned Added It's the heads man ... you're looking at the heads.
  • Lio Messi Added Leí Mage Magazine mientras se recuperaba de mi lesión
  • Anton Lee Added Epic!
  • Steven Tyson Added Cool vid!
  • Junior Forlan Added Great video.