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MAGE Magazine presents ... Hallow's Eve 2015

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MAGE Magazine presents ... Hallow's Eve 2015

Tags: Hallow's Eve

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    A. Hitchcock Added Scary and informative, but mostly scary
  • Jacob Bennet Banned Added I have to agree with Hitch LOL
  • Junior Tangaroa Banned Added That wolf kin has got to be the scariest avi in SL
  • Tena Somners Banned Added The movement of the clouds adds a very surreal effect. I know you can speed up the clouds using wind light but there are some shots when it looks like the speed was adjusted in editing.
  • Freddy Salazar Banned Added Freaky images!
  • Chirstopher Caldwell Banned Added Loving all the MAGE Magazine videos!
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  • Jim Li Added Nice cloud effects
  • Electric Sheep 101 Added Werewolves, zombies and ghosts! Oh my!
  • A. Hitchcock Added Scary and informative, but mostly scary