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MAGE Magazine Issue 16

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MAGE Magazine Issue 16

This is a slideshow of MAGE Magazine Issue 16. MAGE Magazine is a collection of stories and images produced by artists in the virtual world. Issue #1 was released in April 2015. If you enjoy our videos please like, share, subscribe and add to your playlists.


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    MAGE Magazine Added Thanks Secret Rage and LaPiscean for uploading our videos
  • Adam Coen Banned Added Funny, imaginative and I'm really impressed by how the dialogue expresses a lot of ideas with only a few words.
  • Jacob Bennet Banned Added This is fantastic stuff. I checked out some of the earlier issues and there's a noticeable improvement in the images and the lettering, can't wait to see what's next.
  • Tamas Abrudan Banned Added The castle with the moon in the back ground is just incredible. I wish my graphic cards could let me view SL the way yours does.
  • William Hawthorne Banned Added fascinating
  • Junior Tangaroa Banned Added awesome!
  • Jim Mencia Banned Added Lol, nice hommage to Brave Heart, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre , and when Harry met Sally. I don't blame Andressa for running away when Aldo mentions Human Centipede. :smile:
  • Julio Clemente Added Cowboys in high heels, luv it!
  • MAGE Magazine Added Thanks Secret Rage and LaPiscean for uploading our videos