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MAGE Magazine Issue 14

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MAGE Magazine Issue 14

This is a slide show of MAGE Magazine Issue # 14
For more information on MAGE Magazine please visit our website at http://0zymandius.wix.com/magemagazine

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    MAGE Magazine Added Thank you Secret Rage and La Piscean for posting our videos
  • Adam Coen Banned Added Are the Guardians supposed to be angels?
  • Jacob Bennet Banned Added Nice work with the Sanctuary.
  • Tamas Abrudan Banned Added What avatar did you use for the cover? and the dragon avatar is so detailed.
  • Junior Tangaroa Banned Added The dragon looks sic, nice work Siz!
  • Tena Somners Banned Added Where did you get the baby avatar? That's cute :smiley:
  • Freddy Salazar Banned Added I think they got the background for the Sanctuary at the LEA entrance. The background for Zombie dance looks like it was photographed there too
  • Jim Mencia Banned Added Yeah that is a PSG jersey Oz is wearing, and it looks like Andressa is playing for Los Cafeteros
  • Ramiro Carcedo Banned Added Love the dragon! and the twist at the end of The Sanctuary ... hilarious!
  • Junior Tangaroa Banned Added I thought Ozymandius was supposed to play for Man United, looks like he signed with Paris Saint Germain instead :)
  • MAGE Magazine Added Thank you Secret Rage and La Piscean for posting our videos