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LEA6 the colours of loss and healing by iskye silverweb


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LEA6 the colours of loss and healing by iskye silverweb

LEA6: the colours of loss & healing
art by iskye silverweb
music by ahnue heartlight
creative support from dubhna rhiadra
This show will will be closing March 31,2017...to visit this location:

"The Colours of Loss & Healing" is an artistic collaboration by iSkye Silverweb and Ahnue Heartlight, where iSkye brings visual and poetic expression and Ahnue infuses sound and rhythm in a journey through the heart of loss into the healing knowledge that love continues on. With creative support by Dubhna Rhiadra.

The poem featured in the film is:
~Time to Say Bye-Bye~ by iSkye Silverweb

Looking through the years gone by
Memories swirling in my mind's eye
Visions of feathers filling the sky
And knowing I have to say bye-bye

Spinning above me, all the colours
Shades of yellow blue green feathers
Loving the times we lived together
Believing love goes on forever

Breathing cotton candy fruity sunlight
A kiss and whiff of wings so sun bright
The air was light full of life's delight
But now joy is gone and dim the light

That corner in the room a cageless void
Everywhere I see faded feathered joy
Packed away all your favoured toys
Swept away seeds and bits of wood destroyed

The cage is cold and dark now stored away
Downstairs it stands bared to metal grey
Your urn it sits reminding every day
Those colours those scents forever gone away

Room to room some days wishing I could spy
Feathered rainbow darting just beyond my eye
Sunny lemon wisp of mischief flying high
Then back for kiss and happy sigh, bye-bye

There are many other writings offered at the sim including this one which explains her inspiration:

~All Beings of Light and Love~

While this installation centers around the story of my 21-year treasured companion parrot, Sunny, He was a little sun conure but he had a very special place in my life and there is a big gap in the place in my life he once occupied. I think the experience of loss is the same whether the loved one was animal, human or other.
Bonds of love and friendship transcend the physical appearance; love is not limited to gender, skin colour, physical shape or even scientific classification.
Love is just love. It has no regard for artificial human boundaries or limitations. It is just as painful to lose a much loved pet as it is to lose a parent, a child, a longtime friend. It is just as joyful to greet a being you enjoy whether it is a dog happily dancing with wagging tail, a bird chirping cheerily or a best friend you meet for coffee.
But when you lose that person in the physical sense, the amazing thing you discover is you don't lose the love.
This is the huge comfort, and the best gift. You will always have the love.

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