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LEA Artists In Residence Round 9

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LEA Artists In Residence Round 9

LEA ROUND 9 ARTISTS:(please see list below)

LEA10 Artistik Oluja "Primitive Spaces"
LEA11 Michael Wexhome "Post Retro Cyberpolalypse"
LEA12 Seafore Perl "artIfacs"
LEA13 Lacocinelle "Scenic Arts Festival"
LEA14 Caliandris Pendragon "Spiral Pathway"
LEA15 Storm Septimus "The Grey Child"
LEA16 MiaSnow Myriam "The Colour Out of Space @ The Blasted Heath, West of Arkham"
LEA17 Pixels Sideways "The Play's the Thing"
LEA18 Kiesta Aljon "Sacred Light"
LEA19 Livio Korobase "Growing Up"
LEA20 Thoth Jantzen "Khemennu II Plus"
LEA21 Fuschia Nightfire "Invisible Layers"
LEA22 Katharine McGinnis (on behalf of Holiday Appreciation Association) "Holiday Galaxy"
LEA23 czechoslovakian Resident "Traffic"
LEA24 Cica Ghost "Dreamers"
LEA25 Misprint Thursday "The Bridge"
LEA26 Lorin Tone "Inworld Sound Effects"
LEA27 FreeWee Ling "Tableaux Vivants"
LEA28 Edie1943 Resident "Farm Co-op"
LEA29 surreal Skytower "Watercolors in the Rain The Roleplaying Game"

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  • TJ Added can't believe only the entrance and a workshop space was show for 20 -- there was a LOT more there that was apparently missed... :(
  • Porter Added I love what you did here, but I'm a little saddened you did not include any of the actual HIVE in LEA11 :/
  • mary wickentower Added And once again, NicoleX proves that the least talented are the most critical. At least he is consistent, if not predictable. Give him the puckered pickle award !!! Thanks for keeping us on top of LEA, Secret Rage, you enormous contributions are appreciated
  • nicolex moonwall Added Oh my god , don't give up your day job .