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Fellow Second Life Residents, Let's be More Proactive in Promoting Our Way of Life ღ

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Fellow Second Life Residents, Let's be More Proactive in Promoting Our Way of Life ღ

For over the years there have been many "news" articles about Second Life telling people how it's "Abandoned" or "Dead" which can't be further from the truth.

While it's certainly not as popular as the social media giants such as Facebook or Twitter, it's certainly still very active with so many active communities within.

Many of these "Journalists" come into Second Life with the presumption that it's dead and with the intent to write exactly that without even actually checking whether or not it's true

They tend to go to "Abandoned" lands to "confirm" their presumption. While there are certainly empty spaces that people don't go to that often on Second Life (mostly public places), many lands on Second Life are owned by the users, and if it's there, then someone is paying for it. Just because it's empty at the time they visit the place, doesn't mean it's abandoned.

If Second Life was on Steam Chart, it would be at the top 10 spot for pretty much the entirety of its existence, totally not dead by the number of active and average concurrent users.

Some areas in Second Life might seem empty at certain times because Second Life is a VERY big persistent 3D virtual world universe, and the owners of these places might not be logged in at those times, or might be somewhere else.

I have nothing against the people who wrote these articles, as they might not have a bad intention when writing their pieces, and probably were just unaware of how to find populated places or the technicalities of Second Life, but still, as journalists they really should do a proper research before bashing on something

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