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Fantasy Faire 2018 an Epic Walk Round

Added by Secret Rage in Fantasy Faire 2018 Filmmakers Pryda Parx

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Fantasy Faire 2018 an Epic Walk Round

I took a walk through the whole of Fantasy Faire 2018, all 14 regions.
I saw lots of wonderful places and a dragon, some unicorns, a dinosaur, a tigers giving a ride and had a mishap in a library and got quite cross! But it was all worth it.

The timeline:
0:00:00 - Falls of Hope
0:03:01 - Pools of Ethuil
0:07:13 - Astrid’s Nemeton
0:11:39 - The Bazaar Dungeon
0:18:15 - Sanoria
0:21:34 - Erstwhile
0:26:08 - Athenaeum Arcana
0:34:27 - The Story Well
0:40:10 - Severina
0:43:42 - The Halls of Story (got the caption wrong in the video, sorry)
0:46:41 - The Willows of Nienna
0:49:55 - Tiny Town
0:54:50 - Aetherea
1:02:14 - Fairelands Junction
1:06:36 - Ardessa
1:13:46 - Falls of Hope

Fantasy Faire is in support of Relay for Life (http://relayforlifeofsecondlife.org)
Music Ambient Sonata by Dee Yan-Key from
Free Music Archive (http://freemusicarchive.org)

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