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Captain Ritsu on the high seas with the N+K Nymph Class Brig

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Captain Ritsu on the high seas with the N+K Nymph Class Brig

Welcome to the “Nymph”, a brig rigged boat as might have been seen in service to the navies, traders and privateers of the 18th and 19th century. It is no particular historical ship but rather a unique design inspired by its ancestry.

You can walk around the main deck, quarterdeck and forecastle. The sitter system allows you to take the helm as well as many other positions around the ship, including gunner, rigging, captain's cabin and bedplace and many more. While only the helmsman can control the rudder, other crewmembers can trim, set and clew the sails or operate the artillery. You can crew-operate the ship or fully control it solo.

The "Nymph" is brought to life by a new, unique and highly realistic sailing engine, intended to simulate the experience of handling a square rigger. The entire ship is made of handcrafted and all original design.

The sail trim does not only affect the propulsion, but the torque/turning too. It is possible to steer the ship by sails only, as you could do on a real-world full-rigged ship. Furthermore, each sail can be set and clewed individually, giving you full control of the sheet. Wind direction and speed can be set much like in other engines and you can also use WWC wind setting. Real world tallship sailors have described the engine as "just like the real thing".

The ship uses its own unique combat system - it is not SPD compatible! We decided against using SPD and in favor of creating our own system for the fact that our approach does not require you to be in a rez enabled area to work, so you can fight anywhere.

Furthermore you can:
- Transfer the main HUD to friends and get a crew together.
- Christen the ship and create your own nameplate for it.
- Control the ship's livery with the new Appearance HUD.
- Choose your flag or fly your own.

Technical Specs:

Class: Nymph class Brig rigged boat
Length: 82 ft. / 25 metres (over deck)
Beam: 21 ft. / 6.5 metres
Draft: 11.5 ft. / 3.5 metres
Sail plan: Brig Rigged Ship

Armament: 14 guns
Upper deck: 14 x 9 pounder guns

SL Prims: 178
Land Impact: 326

Design: Niky Niki
Scripts: Karlos (KarlRichard)

Additional Animations created by Alurvha Niekerk and Simonb Barnstormer

You can rez and sail a demo at our inworld shipyard!

The trip
From SLNO Airport
around NAUTILUS (Kontinet in SL) and back.
Real trevel Time in RL: 1,5 hours
Crashes: no
Bad Sim crossings: no

The crew
Commander and owner: Riutsu Meriman
Pirate and sailor: Migon Meriman

Music GEMA-free:
Epic Action Hero by Akashic Records
Powerd and licensed by: www.jamendo.com
Video Recording and editing: Migon Aeon

© 2016 Mig's Video Lab

Tags: sailing

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