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Oema Resident

  • 07:54 Enchanted Art presents AleyK (Live Singer)

    Enchanted Art presents AleyK (Live Singer)

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    Enchanted Art presents AleyK (Live Singer) In occasion to the monthly closing event (Artists for April Month), AleK gave us a magic and intense of emotion night. Many thanks Aley! ♥ Visit in Second Life®: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/A

  • 05:20 Enchanted ART by Oema :: Please Watch HD 1080

    Enchanted ART by Oema :: Please Watch HD 1080

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    Enchanted ART by Oema :: Please Watch HD 1080 Enchanted Art is a tribute to 2D and 3D Second Life Artists in a fantasy landscape. Explore projections, photos and statues in a surreal environment. More info: www.oemafineart.com Visit in Second Life®: h

  • 00:16 Oema Fine Art

    Oema Fine Art

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    Oema Fine Art Youtube Channel about Art in Second Life and Virtual Reality. This Youtube Channel is related to the art blog Oema Fine Art. Here are art machinima about artistic events and spots around Second Life®. More info: www.oemafineart.com You c

  • 17:13 Mediterraneo OC Art Galleries

    Mediterraneo OC Art Galleries

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    Mediterraneo OC Art Galleries to visit this location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mediterraneo%20OC/101/194/24

  • 03:08 Moki XP, by Maddy

    Moki XP, by Maddy

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    Moki XP, by Maddy "MOKI XP" Un percorso colorato per far conoscere " L'Incantevole Mondo di Moki Yuitza". Esposizione fotografica by Maddy ( Magda Schmidtzau) Venerdì, 10 Febbraio 2017 a partire dalle ore 23:30 (02:30 PM SLT) Photographic exhibitio

  • 08:24 Astralia


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    Astralia Astralia is a beautiful spot in Second Life®. You can visit here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Astralia/126/162/2002 In Second Life Destinations: http://secondlife.com/destination/astralia Blog: http://www.oemafineart.com/ Flickr: ht

  • 10:16 Astralia


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    Astralia Keep calm, listen the piano and watch this Second Life® video machinima about Astralia. to visit this location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Astralia/124/122/21