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  • 30:01 Popular Wounded Angels

    Wounded Angels

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    Wounded Angels SisterButta, with the help of Robijn, presents Wounded Angels. Developed in Second Life to aid in the fightt against breast cancer. Presentation given at LEA9 Seanchai Library Workshop, Crazy Eights on March 12,2016.

  • 01:25 Popular Crazy Eights Final Week at LEA 9

    Crazy Eights Final Week at LEA 9

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    Crazy Eights Final Week at LEA 9 THE FINAL WEEK of "Crazy Eights" on LEA 9, produced by Seanchai Library as a celebration of the art of stories and spoken word. Final event at 1:30pm (slt) on Sunday, May 29th (2016). Crazy Eights will close at the end of

  • 02:29 Popular Seanchai Celebrates 2016

    Seanchai Celebrates 2016

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    Seanchai Celebrates 2016 March 15th - 20th, Seanchai Library in Second Life embraces its roots - sharing tales of a distinctly Irish air - and celebrates eight years of stories presented live in voice. Events will take place on both our home parcel on Bra