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Fuschia Nightfire

  • 04:36 Popular 'Surfing On Ceres' by Gweeb

    'Surfing On Ceres' by Gweeb

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    'Surfing on Ceres' written and produced by Gweeb Filmed by Fuschia Nightfire at: LEA19 'The Egg' by Livio Korobase LEA20 'Watchful Eye' by Thoth Jantzen LEA21 'Work of Zero Significance' by Fuschia Nightfire to visit: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife

  • 04:11 Popular A&A Autumn Halloween Fashion Show 2015

    A&A Autumn Halloween Fashion Show 2015

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    A&A Autumn Halloween Fashion Show 2015 A&A Autumn Halloween Fashion Show September 13th 2015, filmed at Long Beach. Models: Delta Halostar and Dione Starfall DJ and model: Galendracos Viper

  • 01:30 Popular Immersive Edge Chapter 2

    Immersive Edge Chapter 2

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    Immersive Edge Chapter 2 Dylan's Journal Day 2 ~ Careful for what you wish for-- ~ To feel your heartbeat under my hand. Your body pressed to mine. I wished for that as much as you did. Namaka. My love. Your touch keeps me sane. Lost in cyber. Our pixels

  • 01:17 Popular Immersive Edge Chapter 5

    Immersive Edge Chapter 5

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    Immersive Edge Chapter 5 Namaka's Journal 5: ~ The smoke has cleared We swept away all the ashes of our lost dreams Shook the dust of a thousand aborted journeys from our shoes. ~ Can we dream a new dream now? I want to believe in good faeries and unicorn

  • 01:25 Popular Immersive Edge Chapter 7

    Immersive Edge Chapter 7

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    Immersive Edge Chapter 7 Dylan's Journal 7 Separation hurts. United, now divided once again leaves me feeling both elated and bereft. ~ Stronger now than ever before, our eyes opened to wonders before us. We move through the many statues remembering the l

  • 12:34 Popular Immersive Edge The Movie

    Immersive Edge The Movie

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    Immersive Edge The Movie Website: http://hypergridstory.wix.com/portfolio HG Address: world.nextdimensiontales.com:8901

  • 05:29 Popular Whirli Placebo Crazy Chaos

    Whirli Placebo Crazy Chaos

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    Whirli Placebo Crazy Chaos Filmed at JJIE Grid, event organised by Gwenette Sinclair for HG Safari. hg.virtualworld.jjie.org:8022

  • 01:34 Popular Immersive Edge Chapter 1

    Immersive Edge Chapter 1

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    Immersive Edge Chapter 1 Chapter one of our hypergrid story. These are not human-driven avatars but created by simple scripts that rez the characters and walk them though a scene saying their lines in local chat as they tell the story and invite visitors

  • 02:41 Popular Immersive Edge Chapter 6

    Immersive Edge Chapter 6

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    Immersive Edge Chapter 6 Namaka's Journal 6 I thought we'd be home by now. Hope is fading. One emotion levels up into another. Confusion: When all turns to chaos, His voice wraps me in a hug. With a word—breathe. Inhaling as he exhales, drinking him

  • 01:20 Popular Immersive Edge Chapter 3

    Immersive Edge Chapter 3

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    Immersive Edge Chapter 3 Namaka's Journal 2: ~ These worlds are drawn from the darkest shadows in our minds. Harvested from the worst reality found to throw at us. ~ I suppose we're meant to embrace fears this virtual subconscious serves up. If I could fo

  • 01:18 Popular Immersive Edge Chapter 4

    Immersive Edge Chapter 4

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    Immersive Edge Chapter 4 Dylan's Journal 2: ~ Up and down. No end in sight. The thirst shriveling our skins and swelling our tongues. Inconceivable grief our constant companion threatening our sanity. I grip Namaka's hand even tighter as we seek for a way

  • 01:05 Popular Immersive Edge Chapter 8

    Immersive Edge Chapter 8

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    Immersive Edge Chapter 8 Dylan's Journal 8: What a fool I am. ~ How could I have been so arrogant, too confident in my own abilities? ~ Blinded by the proverbial wolf in sheep's clothing, I walked into this imminent threat. The cost? Our beating hearts to