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Fuschia Nightfire

  • 04:36 Popular 'Surfing On Ceres' by Gweeb

    'Surfing On Ceres' by Gweeb

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    'Surfing on Ceres' written and produced by Gweeb Filmed by Fuschia Nightfire at: LEA19 'The Egg' by Livio Korobase LEA20 'Watchful Eye' by Thoth Jantzen LEA21 'Work of Zero Significance' by Fuschia Nightfire to visit: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife

  • 04:11 Popular A&A Autumn Halloween Fashion Show 2015

    A&A Autumn Halloween Fashion Show 2015

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    A&A Autumn Halloween Fashion Show 2015 A&A Autumn Halloween Fashion Show September 13th 2015, filmed at Long Beach. Models: Delta Halostar and Dione Starfall DJ and model: Galendracos Viper

  • 01:10 Popular Ferrari mural time lapse

    Ferrari mural time lapse

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    Ferrari mural time lapse Unfortunately I was unable to set up a camera to make a time lapse video. This video is pieced together from photos that I took at the end of each day's work. The black car is a Ferrari FXX, the significance of this particular car

  • 01:28 Popular Heron Time Lapse

    Heron Time Lapse

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    Heron Time Lapse 'Heron on the River Stroud' by Nina Camplin Using recycled canvas from a carboot sale, costing 50p. Size 120cm x 40cm/

  • 01:37 Popular Immersive Edge

    Immersive Edge

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    Immersive Edge Only love matters. It should be that simple. It never is. When their DIY mashups of VR headsets and god helmets goes haywire, cyber-lovers, Dylan and Namaka, are plunged into a life-or-death adventure. With their consciousness fused into th

  • 01:34 Popular Immersive Edge Chapter 1

    Immersive Edge Chapter 1

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    Immersive Edge Chapter 1 Chapter one of our hypergrid story. These are not human-driven avatars but created by simple scripts that rez the characters and walk them though a scene saying their lines in local chat as they tell the story and invite visitors

  • 01:36 Popular Immersive Edge Chapter 10

    Immersive Edge Chapter 10

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    Immersive Edge Chapter 10 Namaka's Journal 10 choice a) When we learn nothing from the journey we take we are doomed to repeat it. choice b) In the end, we realized we never had anything to give each other but who we are. Silly, isn't it, that we went thr

  • 01:30 Popular Immersive Edge Chapter 2

    Immersive Edge Chapter 2

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    Immersive Edge Chapter 2 Dylan's Journal Day 2 ~ Careful for what you wish for-- ~ To feel your heartbeat under my hand. Your body pressed to mine. I wished for that as much as you did. Namaka. My love. Your touch keeps me sane. Lost in cyber. Our pixels

  • 01:20 Popular Immersive Edge Chapter 3

    Immersive Edge Chapter 3

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    Immersive Edge Chapter 3 Namaka's Journal 2: ~ These worlds are drawn from the darkest shadows in our minds. Harvested from the worst reality found to throw at us. ~ I suppose we're meant to embrace fears this virtual subconscious serves up. If I could fo

  • 01:18 Popular Immersive Edge Chapter 4

    Immersive Edge Chapter 4

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    Immersive Edge Chapter 4 Dylan's Journal 2: ~ Up and down. No end in sight. The thirst shriveling our skins and swelling our tongues. Inconceivable grief our constant companion threatening our sanity. I grip Namaka's hand even tighter as we seek for a way

  • 01:17 Popular Immersive Edge Chapter 5

    Immersive Edge Chapter 5

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    Immersive Edge Chapter 5 Namaka's Journal 5: ~ The smoke has cleared We swept away all the ashes of our lost dreams Shook the dust of a thousand aborted journeys from our shoes. ~ Can we dream a new dream now? I want to believe in good faeries and unicorn

  • 02:41 Popular Immersive Edge Chapter 6

    Immersive Edge Chapter 6

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    Immersive Edge Chapter 6 Namaka's Journal 6 I thought we'd be home by now. Hope is fading. One emotion levels up into another. Confusion: When all turns to chaos, His voice wraps me in a hug. With a word—breathe. Inhaling as he exhales, drinking him