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  • 04:26 Popular the Waters of Life

    the Waters of Life

    by Secret Rage Added 910 Views / 3 Likes

    This installation was part of the Burn2 conception event PRIMORDIAL-a playa before time July 2015 Filmed on location in Second Life. Many thanks to ccmixter.org for: "Shallow Waters" by raja_ffm 2015 - Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Noncommer

  • 08:41 Popular Veni Vidi Mutari

    Veni Vidi Mutari

    by Secret Rage Added 296 Views / 1 Likes

    Veni Vidi Mutari Holocluck Henly's 2016 art installation "Veni, Vidi, Mutari" at Burning Man Regional of Second Life aka Burn2. A brief tour of the display and conundrum in getting the pieces to fall. Burn2 annually overlaps into the Halloween season, the