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Boris Twist Douglas Smith

  • 00:55 Popular Delicate Moves

    Delicate Moves

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    Delicate Moves this is a promo for Delicate Tension - the Kandinsky sessions https://www.youtube.com/embed/boTNIsqXNfA

  • 01:29 Popular Nomad


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    Nomad to visit this location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Buried/124/50/12 Nomad is a Store in Second Life, Known and loved by many for it's unique flavor of humor and design. I found some old footage of the store and when I revisited it, much h

  • 02:06 James Jacques Joseph Tissot

    James Jacques Joseph Tissot

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    James Jacques Joseph Tissot My young impressions of a great show at Walter's Gedenspire II Art Gallery in Second Life. I've always loved these paintings and never knew who the painter was. Walter has produced a show typical to his style, elegant, entertai

  • 01:41 « LES MURS ONT LA PAROLE »


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    « LES MURS ONT LA PAROLE » A bit of a promo for "THe Walls Speak" which is in the finishing stages. A comprehensive study of a current collection of street art and various urban styles, and much more.

  • 01:49 Current Build in SL, new home for the beginning of the year

    Current Build in SL, new home for the beginning of the year

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    Current Build in SL, new home for the beginning of the year Even though I loved the place before and my neighbors, the new year made me think of a bit more adventure. I came to land in a group of sims connected for sailing. It's like a gated community wit

  • 01:05 It's Glinka Vision!

    It's Glinka Vision!

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    It's Glinka Vision! It's Glinka Vision! We are glad too, nesting high in the sky here at the new Glinka Gallery, hosted by Wolfgang Glinka​. Joseph Nussbaum​, Christine Hohman​, and the whole gang of trouble makers. Sometime in February we get to make hay

  • 02:12 UMAMI House

    UMAMI House

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    UMAMI House Over the Winter and into the Spring I have been moving from land to land and bringing a structure along with me. This is it's current life. Some pieces like the red scaffolding and gently curved windows are best in mesh. Getting a look at the

  • 02:49 you'll never walk alone

    you'll never walk alone

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    you'll never walk alone just a few clips from friends and experiences in Second Life, including Bianca and Walter, Joseph, Khar, Bryan, Novs, Marley, Sasha Laryukov and her dancers. Also at the the end, that's a stage setting created by Joseph Nussbaum.

  • 01:21 Movement 2

    Movement 2

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    Movement 2 making notes and particles. The Sway and Dance Group is gearing up for all new summer fun.

  • 01:54 Narcissus


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    Narcissus Rarely . . . I say that again, rarely can I stand and film my own events... you can't do it well if you have to perform, push buttons, and take part in some of the funny things and love the chatter in discord, I do. Because of that amazing inven

  • 03:14 Flapperettes 2019

    Flapperettes 2019

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    Flapperettes 2019 I just love home movies . . . let me share my Sunday. Once again unexpectedly, the Flapperettes with the help, and support of others who love them too, launched into a new season. Full of style, grandeur, this group harkens back to a per