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Boris Twist Douglas Smith

  • 01:29 Nomad


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    Nomad to visit this location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Buried/124/50/12 Nomad is a Store in Second Life, Known and loved by many for it's unique flavor of humor and design. I found some old footage of the store and when I revisited it, much h

  • 08:47 Popular 4 Suns Flapping

    4 Suns Flapping

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    4 Suns Flapping June 25th 2016, Celebrating four years in Second Life, four years of hard work and creativity, fellowship and performances. The Fabulous Flapperettes have invited us to Paris in the 1900's. Staged at Theatre Des Batignolles in Second Life

  • 07:02 Popular Gravity is a Mistake by Eupalinos Ugajin

    Gravity is a Mistake by Eupalinos Ugajin

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    Gravity is a Mistake by Eupalinos Ugajin Gravity is a Mistake by Eupalinos Ugajin's. Interactive, emersive, surprising. By chance I took some film of it very early in the construction phase at the beginning. There so much to see and do, explore and apprec

  • 01:13 Popular Paris performance

    Paris performance

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    Paris performance The Beautiful Gown worn for performance is by the designer SONATTA MORALES. Filmed at Walter Gedenspire's Gallery in Paris 1900 in Second Life. I think Bianca left the Mics plugged in so bless her heart.

  • 00:41 Popular Fun Fair

    Fun Fair

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  • 05:52 Popular AmandaMagick's "Enchantment"

    AmandaMagick's "Enchantment"

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    AmandaMagick's "Enchantment" to visit Paris Metro Art Gallery: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Paris%20Couture/161/125/23 Brilliant Original Artwork by SL's AmandaMagick. Her Show "Enchantment" premiered in November 2015 @ the Paris Metro Art Galler

  • 02:54 Popular Name the Fish contest

    Name the Fish contest

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    Name the Fish contest Just a look in at the building platform for a weather report

  • 02:26 Popular Silent Night, Stille Nacht

    Silent Night, Stille Nacht

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    Silent Night, Stille Nacht Arranged and performed by me, Boris Twist on December 16, 2015. I played it remembering so many times and places . . . brilliant, terrible, safe, loving. This carol and many others come to cheer us, give us light, give us peace.

  • 03:25 Popular Falling Water

    Falling Water

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    Falling Water Documenting the Mesh House build, Summer 2015

  • 03:19 Popular Dreampiece


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    Parts and pieces of time.

  • 01:46 Popular Cecilia House

    Cecilia House

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    Cecilia House Version completed on 8/18/2015