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Ataro Asbrink

  • 05:42 Popular OH MAGIC


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    OH MAGIC Some shots of a spontaneous performance by SaveMe Oh in January 2014. Watch in HD 720, better 1080. If you are on a slow computer or connection, start the video and stop it immediately. Then wait for some time watching the grey progress bar, then

  • 01:50 Popular CELLO TALK


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    CELLO TALK Under the spell of "The Concrete Cello". "The Concrete Cello" is/has been an installation by Artée (Artistide Despres) on Coppelia sim in Second Life, 2012.Duration: 1:50 Min.1080p HD

  • 08:34 Popular FdL 2015: Ataro Asbrinks Coded Movies

    FdL 2015: Ataro Asbrinks Coded Movies

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    FdL 2015: Ataro Asbrinks Coded Movies Ataro Asbrink bei einer Führung durch seine Installation im Rahmen des FdL 2015. Die Musik ist von Michael K. Iwoleit. Audio- und Videomitschnitt wie immer von Clairediluna Chevalier.