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Avilion Cameo Theater and The Rocca Sorrentina Players Present
                               ALL-STAR VAUDEVILLE
Directed by Bajoy
Sound DJ: Moon
--------------- PROGRAM ORDER ------------------
• INTRODUCTION by Emcee Jack Barker
Jack Barker played by Aldo
•ACT 1: Charmion the Aerialist and Jumbo the Trained Elephant
Charmion played by Sere Jumbo played by Kat
• ACT 2: Duelling Accordions with Delsie the Dancing Cow
Guido played by Portasfiga
Ernie played by Xirana
Delsie played by Kalia
• ACT 3: "Finding Gold" - A Melodrama performed by the Goldrush Players
Dudley played by Bruce
Dudley’s Horse played by Amza
Nell Fenwick played by Aph
Cmd Fenwick played by Sere Timeless
Snidley Whiplash played by Scout
Followed by a performance of "The Sweetheart Song" by Dudley and Nell
• ACT 4: The Condos Brothers Tap-Dancing Duo
Nick Condos played by Sister
Frank Condos played by Xirana
• INTERMISSION with music (5 minutes)
Food and drink will be available in the theatre during Intermission
The dancing concessionaires, played by Bardy and Iddy, will be assisting customers
• ACT 5: The Butterfly Dance by Loie Fuller
Loie Fuller played by Mariposa
• ACT 6: ‘Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock’ performed by the noted actor Frederick Warde
Frederick Warde played by Sister
Violinist played by Scout
• ACT 7: Musical Song and Dance: ‘Tea for Two’ by Broadway stars, Jack Barker (our emcee) and Louise Groody
Jack played by Aldo
Louise played by Sere
• ACT 8 : Comedy Routine - ‘Who’s on First?’
Bud Abbot played by Kalia
Lou Costello played by Kat
• ACT 9: Vaudeville Can-Can Performed by Les Fils des Moulin Rouge
played by Aph, Kalia, Kat, Nimue, Mariposa, Porta, Scout, Sere, Sister, Xirana
• CURTAIN CALL - the Cast
Aldo, Amza, Aph, Bardy, Bruce, Kalia, Kat, Iddy, Nimue, Mariposa, Portasfiga, Scout, Sere, Sister, Xirana
Creation of the Audio: Bajoy
Voice talent: Geoff, Barb
Scenery & Backdrops: Sere, Sister, Bajoy
Lighting: Sere
Props: Sere, Sister, Bajoy
Choreography: Bajoy, Sere
Film: Secret Rage
• POST SHOW MUSIC: Vaudeville Era Favorites on Piano Roll
• About The Show:
We found the names of real Vaudeville performers and descriptions of their acts in historical records from the early 20th century in the United States. What you see in this show is our best attempt at recreating the experience you would have had if you had attended one of these shows during that period.
• A Note About Our Stage:
The stage is modeled on the Addison Theater stage in Philomena (now closed) that was originally created by Jeaniesing Trilling. Claire-Sophie de Rocoulle worked from that model to create the central core of our current stage. Sere Timeless created expansions, backdrops, and lighting. Sere also hired the orchestra and put them in the orchestra pit.
• We are indebted to the Play As Being group for providing rehearsal and performance space in their lovely theater in Bieup.

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  • SisterButta resident Added Such a great show! Thanks Secret ; you bring so much goodness to life.